SSE Airtricity launches new ‘first and best in market’ solar installation offering — Exclusive To Activ8 Installations

May 2, 2023

Jim Mc Eneaney

From our partners, SSE Airtricity:

The new super solar saver means customers will be paid even more for solar energy they export back to the grid.

SSE Airtricity, along with our team here at Activ8, have launched a new solar product that will ensure customers are paid a market leading 34c per kWh for excess solar energy produced and exported back to the grid. New and existing SSE Airtricity customers who have had their solar panels installed with Activ8 from April 13, 2023, will be eligible to be paid a premium of 10 cent per kWh exported on top of the current 24 cent export rate, for two years.

The product launch comes as the Irish government abolished the rate of VAT for domestic solar installations from May 1, 2023. This offer complements the existing range of energy solutions SSE offers customers, providing easy access to green energy and improving energy efficiency in homes across the country.

Solar panel installations have many benefits:

  • Households can save up to 50% on energy bills and generate up to 80% of their hot water needs.
  • Surplus energy generated through a typical solar PV install can be exported back to the energy grid, putting money back in customers’ pockets and providing more renewable electricity for Ireland’s energy system.
  • The majority of installations are completed in one day with minimal disruption to the household.
  • As an SSE Airtricity customer, a new installation will earn an export rate of 34 cent per kWh. That’s a 10 cent premium versus the standard rate of 24 cent per kWh.

Helen Ryan, from County Louth, who had her solar installation completed recently with Activ8, said:

“We decided to install solar panels to help save on our electricity bills as well as wanting to produce renewable energy on our own. We have a gas boiler, so being able to generate so much hot water was also a massive reason as to why we went with solar panels.

“We have noticed a big difference in our bills, even for the months of January, February and March. Our electricity bills are currently 30% of what they were and that’s not accounting for our savings on gas with our hot water production from the solar panels. It’s funny how we changed our usage behaviours so quickly after installation too. My parents are awaiting a survey now after seeing our panels in action, so I would definitely recommend them.”

Klair Neenan, Director at SSE Airtricity said:

“As a company with green in our DNA, we know that customers want easy access to green energy solutions that help them and the environment. At SSE Airtricity we want to empower our customers and be their one stop shop for all energy related matters. With 0% Vat and up to €2,400 available in SEAI Grants, there has never been a better time to invest in renewable solar energy and offset rising energy costs. Families and households can generate their own electricity for their home and lower their bills, all while contributing to the ultimate goal of net zero.”

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