EU Solar Power Surges to Record 56GW in 2023

February 9, 2024

Mícheál Bannigan

In 2023, solar power in the European Union sky rocketed to unprecedented heights, reaching a remarkable capacity of 56GW, according to a new report from Solar Power Europe. This marks the third year of annual growth rates of at least 40%. This surge represents a significant increase from the previous year, showcasing the continued growth of solar energy.


The report highlights the substantial growth of solar installations throughout the EU, indicating a robust momentum towards renewable energy adoption. With numerous countries actively investing in solar infrastructure and implementing supportive policies, the EU continues to make substantial strides towards achieving its renewable energy targets.


Germany has returned to the number one slot of Europe’s solar ranking, installing 14.1GW in 2023. Germany is followed by Spain (8.2GW), Italy (4.8 GW), Poland (4.6 GW), and the Netherlands (4.1 GW) rounding out the top five. Almost 17 million more European homes were powered by solar in 2023.


Over 60,000 homes in Ireland now have solar roof top installations thanks to recent government initiatives, including the elimination of VAT on the supply and installation of solar PV panels and the removal of the need for planning permission in exchange for grant availability. 95MW of generating comes from off-grid ground-mount solar installations, which produce electricity for individual home or business usage rather than exporting to the grid.


In conclusion, the surge in solar power capacity to a record 56GW in 2023 demonstrates the EU's commitment to renewable energy transition. However, to maintain this momentum and overcome looming challenges, concerted efforts from policymakers, industry stakeholders, and other key players will be essential. With the right strategies and investments, the EU can continue to lead the way towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future powered by solar energy.

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